The school is set up on 5 acres of the salubrious and completely green and clean environment having pollution free peaceful surroundings. In RCS the sense of belongings is preserved and nurtured like a family. RCS is working in the area having the purpose of providing basic quality education on public school lines to rural children so that they become able to compete successfully with modern urban children for entering professional colleges & other high standardized institutions. The medium of instruction is English but Punjabi & Hindi languages are also taught and given equal importance being regional and national languages respectively & also compulsory subjects.

RCS Mission & Vision

Whilst high academic achievement is a priority the school aims to create a community of well rounded individuals, where a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect exists around the students and teachers. The school organizes many activities throughout the year where qualities such as leadership and self discipline are inculcated and there is an emphasis on the individual’s intellectual and emotional growth. The senior students participate in awareness programs. A number of sports are played in the school and give the students an opportunity to express their individual talent. Drama, performing arts, Arts, Debating and music form a significant part of the curriculum.

We rededicate ourselves to the magnificent vision of good education based on our motto which shall ever inspire its students throughout their lives.